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Avro Keyboard

Type a Bengali script with this virtual keyboard Avro Keyboard is a free open source graphic keyboard software created by OmicronLab. This program adds productivity by allowing you to enter Bengali for all through romanized transliteration. It is the first free Bengali computer keyboard interface according to Unicode and ANSI, released on March 26, 2003, on Bangladesh Independence Day. The software offers all common Bangla writing methods from Bangladesh and India in one interface, making it flexible enough for all types of users. It works both as a keyboard in a special language and as a spell checker.

Bengali writing language in Bangladesh, also known as Bangla, is the official and most widely spoken language in Bangladesh. Bengali script or script is an italic type of script and therefore is not found by default in most computer systems. However, the Avro keyboard allows you to type different types of italics to enter Bengali or Bangla text for everyone. You can type phonetically by entering the romanized Bangla phonetics and the program will convert them to the correct transliteration. You can touch a key with five Probhat keyboard layouts, Munir Optima, OmicronLab’s own Avro Easy, a very simple Bornon, and Standard National Jatiya from the Bangladesh Computer Council, which supports the software. You can also try a mouse-based entry that uses a virtual on-screen keyboard. The Auro keyboard is fully Unicode compliant and also supports ANSI fonts, so you can even type Bengali into programs like Photoshop and ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}) only in the range of keyboard functions Auro. The phonetic spelling method from English to Bangla also includes a dictionary that supports up to 150,000 bang words and has a built-in automatic correction that you can edit yourself. There is also a floating preview window so you can convert your text in real time. In addition, the program has a spell checker for the language with Avro Pad. The application also has two flexible interface modes. You can use it as the top bar on the desktop or as an icon in the system tray. The whole program is also very customizable and you can switch the keyboard mode by simply pressing a certain key. There’s an automatic keyboard tracking mode, so you don’t have to constantly manually switch between keyboard programs. You’ll also get a standard layout browser for the Avro keyboard, so you don’t have to constantly check the current launcher program for Very BestAll. This is a good reason why the Bangladesh Electoral Commission and even the Bengali Wikipedia website use the Avro Keyboard app all the time. It is a powerful and useful program that offers you several important functions for entering a complex language script into another program. Compatibility with other codes itself is also a great bonus point. If you need such help with Bengali, this useful application is highly recommended.