Virus free IGI 2: Covert

IGI 2: Covert

Silent (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Former Army officer David Jones has returned to prevent international terrorism and a global catastrophe in the act.
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IGI 2: Hidden Strike is the second part of the first part of the IGI shooter game. This is a refreshing combination of shooting that allows you to approach the mission in many ways. WinRAR Download
Like its predecessor, it encourages players to use economy and intelligence instead of blowing things up to overcome obstacles. It comes with a level 19 missionary campaign that takes place in real life and spans three continents. These missions range from major attacks to covert surveillance and penetration. Players are given the opportunity to choose from over 30 weapons and other properly modeled weapons in the real world. Overall, IGI 2: Hidden Strike is far better than its predecessor. However, there is still no contagious and latent activity that players are looking for. Its outdated stealth elements and inconspicuous artificial intelligence are still a step from which IGI’s first game received harsh criticism…