Virus free ZenWriter 1.36

ZenWriter 1.36

Year / date of publication: 2012


Developer: Beenokle

Release: 32 bits

Compatibility with Vista: full

Compatible with Windows 7

Interface language: multilingual

Tablet: present

System requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Description: ZenWriter is a Windows text editor that keeps you busy with important work and thoughts. This full-screen editor offers a variety of features for editing and formatting text, but at the same time you can customize and sign in to Zen. Now only you and your mind.

ZenWriter is a minimalist text editor designed for real writers. It has an interface that can almost never be opened in full screen.

If you frequently switch between tabs, check your email, or need work, ZenWriter is the solution to help you stay focused and hassle-free.

As you type, the program simulates the sound of your typewriter (you can disable it). In order not to disturb your unity with the text, the sound of background music – something between the music coming from the box and the Buddhist monks. The text is printed on a beautiful translucent background that is displayed in full screen.

With ZenWriter, you can choose between two types of models – day and night. During the day the background is light, the text is dark on a white background, at night the text is light and the background is dark