Virus free Shithouse 2020

Shithouse 2020

The housewife newcomer goes to a party in Shithouse and spends the night with her classmate RA, who has had a day off and wants someone to go with.
Author Cooper Raiff:
Cooper Raiff stars:
Cooper Raiff, Dylan Gelula, Amy Landecker | Among the thousands of kids trying their best at college, Alex feels lonely and depressed. His home is 1,500 miles away and he is struggling to find a reason not to go back. Maggie, Alex’s senior RA, has broken out of college since day one. But today, there is an unexpected loss for Maggie. After the party at Shithouse, Maggie wants some company and finds it in Alex. Alex and Maggie, two young people who grew up in very different homes, challenge each other and grow together.